Employee care and a safe environment are top priorities on egg farms

Egg farmers are vigilant in creating and maintaining a safe environment in all areas of the farm. UEP’s farmer-members collaborate with the USDA, state agencies, veterinarians and public health officials to responsibly address the needs of employees, local communities and their flocks. As a part of farmers’ regular biosecurity protocols, the nation’s egg farms are […]

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Hen Housing – the choice is yours

Like humans, hens need quality housing. Farmers must balance and weigh the tradeoffs between different styles of housing. Farmers consider several factors including hen health and well-being, weather protection, disease control, predator protection, economic feasibility and in-flock aggression. The ability for routine observation and specialized care are other important components when evaluating different types of […]

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Why are hens housed indoors?

A hundred years ago, eggs were produced in small flocks in farmyards. Hens were often harmed by predators or diseases and mortality was extremely high. Today many hens are housed inside barns to keep them safe and healthy. Safeguard from extreme weather Many of the nation’s hens are raised in Midwest states that experience extreme […]

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