Biosecurity is a Top Priority for Egg Farmers

Egg farmers are vigilant in setting and maintaining advanced biosecurity protocols, and biosecurity programs have improved significantly over the past three years. UEP and egg farmers collaborate with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, state agencies, veterinarians and public health officials to responsibly evaluate biosecurity and address the needs of the hens, farms, employees and local […]

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Egg Farmers Do Far More With Considerably Less

Egg farmers work hard to care for their hens and care for the environment.  Over the last 50 years, advancements in egg farming have led to healthier hens and a reduced environment footprint.   Hens are living longer due to improved nutrition, disease control, and housing while producing 27% more eggs than in 1960! Farmers continue […]

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See how egg farmers assure hen health and disease prevention

Biosecurity reflects a variety of measures and best practices relied on by U.S. egg farmers to assure hens are healthy and to prevent disease from entering egg farms. Egg farmers have put an array of biosecurity protocols in place on their farms; from limiting visitors and setting up perimeter zones to monitoring flock health and […]

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