UEP Certified
Animal Welfare

The UEP Certified logos signify that the eggs originate from farms that raise hens adhering to science-based animal welfare standards

Ensuring the health and well-being of hens is a top priority for U.S. egg farmers while providing safe, high-quality eggs to you and your family. The United Egg Producers developed UEP Certified and UEP Certified Cage-Free voluntary animal welfare programs to ensure egg safety and the highest quality care to hens. When you purchase eggs with the UEP Certified seals, rest assured eggs are produced under these guidelines.


UEP Certified Hen Care

  • Caretaker training which includes hen handling protocols
  • Nutritious feed (with no added hormones) and a balanced diet
  • Water 24/7
  • No added hormones
  • Disease prevention

UEP Certified Housing

  • Indoor housing for hens’ protection against predators and harsh weather
  • Appropriate lighting
  • Ventilation ensuring good air quality

UEP Certified Accountability

  • Annual compliance evaluation conducted by independent third-party auditors
  • Signed employee code of conduct
  • Zero tolerance for willful acts of abuse