United Egg Producers
Certified Animal Welfare Program

Egg farmers are committed to quality care
and the well-being of hens

Egg farmers are committed to providing the best care possible for their hens. To demonstrate this commitment, United Egg Producers (UEP) developed guidelines for optimal hen well-being – guidelines that are backed by decades of research and recommendations from an independent Scientific Advisory Committee. UEP Certified established guidelines for conventional cage housing in 2002 and cage-free housing in 2006. More than 90 percent of eggs produced in the U.S. come from farms that voluntarily participate in UEP Certified, choosing to open their farms to independent auditors. Eggs from certified farms feature the UEP Certified or UEP Certified Cage-Free seal on the egg carton.

Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

The UEP Certified Program addresses the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare, ensuring excellent care and quality of life for hens…

Great Eggs Start with Well-Fed Hens

Did you know a hen’s diet can impact the quality and nutritional value of the eggs she lays? Egg farmers rely on nutritionists and feed experts…