Scientific Advisory Committee

Recognized experts in animal welfare and hen behavior are members of UEP’s independent Scientific Advisory Committee

The UEP Certified Guidelines were developed by an independent Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) comprised of veterinarians and university professors who are recognized experts in hen welfare. This committee was groundbreaking, creating a model for other animal agriculture sectors in the U.S. Using science as the primary guide, the committee worked independently, sharing their expertise and many volunteer hours to create the UEP Certified Conventional Cage Guidelines in 2002. UEP Certified Cage-Free Guidelines, introduced in 2006, were among the first comprehensive cage-free standards developed for egg production.

UEP’s Producer Animal Welfare Committee works along with SAC, also providing guidance and leadership for the program. SAC serves as a sounding board, answering questions and providing expertise for continuous improvement of the program.

Committee Members

Janice C. Swanson, Ph.D., Chair

Professor, Director
Animal Behavior and Welfare
Michigan State University

Cia Johnson, MS, DVM

Director Animal Welfare Division
American Veterinary Medical Association

Suzanne T. Millman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, College of Vet Med
Iowa State University

Ruth C. Newberry, Ph.D.

Professor of Ethology, Animal Sciences
Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Yuko Sato, DVM, MS

Veterinarian Diagnostic & Production Animal Medicine
Iowa State University

Janice Siegford, M.S., Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Animal Science
Animal Behavior and Welfare Group
Michigan State University

Paul B. Thompson, Ph.D.

W.K. Kellogg Professor of Agricultural, Food and Community Ethics
Michigan State University

Tina M. Widowski, Ph.D.

Professor of Animal Biosciences & Research Chair in Poultry Welfare
University of Guelph

Dan Wilson, DVM

Poultry Veterinarian
Wilson Veterinary Company

Hongwei Xin, Ph.D.

Dean for Ag Research
Institute of Agriculture
University of Tennessee


Jeffrey D. Armstrong, Ph.D.

California Polytechnic State University