Scientific Advisory Committee

Over 20 years ago, in 1999, UEP convened an independent, unpaid Scientific Advisory Committee to evaluate egg-laying hen well-being standards, review existing research, conduct new research and recommend changes for egg farms. The first recommendations from this advisory committee became the foundation for UEP Certified. The advisory committee continues today, for ongoing review of new research and modern egg farm standards, used for continuous improvement of the UEP Certified program.

Committee Members

Janice C. Swanson, Ph.D., Chair

Professor, Director

Animal Behavior and Welfare

Michigan State University

Cia Johnson, MS, DVM

Director Animal Welfare Division

American Veterinary Medical Association

Suzanne T. Millman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, College of Vet Med

Iowa State University

Ruth C. Newberry, Ph.D.

Professor of Ethology, Animal Sciences

Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Paul B. Thompson, Ph.D.

W.K. Kellogg Professor of Agricultural, Food

and Community Ethics, Michigan State University


Tina M. Widowski, Ph.D.

Professor of Animal Biosciences

& Research Chair in Poultry Welfare

University of Guelph


Don Conner, Ph.D.

Food Safety Liaison

Associate Dean and Director of Academic Programs

New Mexico State University



Hongwei Xin, Ph.D.

Environmental Liaison

Dean for Ag Research

Institute of Agriculture

University of Tennessee


Jeffrey D. Armstrong, Ph.D.


California Polytechnic State University