Meet Egg Farmers

Egg farmers are committed to providing the best care to their hens and ensuring the safety of the eggs they produce. Here, meet American egg farmers and learn about their farm and commitment to hen care and egg safety.

  • Ben Thompson
  • Sally Krouse
  • Brent Booker
  • Greg Herbruck
  • Glenn Hickman
  • Jacques Klempf
Ben Thompson

2nd generation egg farmer, Pearl Valley Eggs, Pearl City, IL

Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson of Pearl Valley Eggs in Illinois explains the practices they use to provide the best care for their hens. Thompson follows the UEP Certified guidelines, which were developed by independent, unpaid scientists and backed by research, to provide well-being for egg laying hens.

“UEP Certified means our hens were treated right.” - Thompson
Sally Krouse

Midwest Poultry Services, Mentone, IN

Sally Krouse

Sally Krouse of Midwest Poultry Services explains the steps egg farms take to ensure the eggs they produce are safe.

“Food safety is critical to us on our farm. We know we are sending our eggs to a lot of homes, and I know I want a safe egg.” - Krouse
Brent Booker

Country Charm Eggs, LLC, Gillsville, GA

Brent Booker

Brent Booker, an egg farmer from Georgia, says today’s egg farms have a smaller carbon footprint, because they use less feed, and use natural resources and land more efficiently.

“The consumer expects businesses to act responsibly and part of that is hen well-being and hen health, so by adopting the UEP guidelines, we’re trying to produce eggs as responsibly and sustainably as possible.” - Booker
Greg Herbruck

3rd Generation Egg Farmer, Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch, Saranac, MI

Greg Herbruck

Greg Herbruck, an egg farmer from Michigan, tells how his egg farm does business with several hundred family farms, buying their crops as feed and providing organic fertilizer in the form of poultry litter.

“At Herbruck Poultry Ranch we are committed to doing what’s right: for our hens, for our employees, for the environment and for our community.” - Herbruck
Glenn Hickman

3rd Generation Egg Farmer Hickman’s Family Farms, Buckeye, AZ

Glenn Hickman

Arizona egg farmer Glenn Hickman tells how his family farm has provided natural, high-quality eggs, sold under their family name for 65 years.

“We take pride in the process from hen to home.” - Hickman
Jacques Klempf

3rd Generation Egg Farmer Dixie Egg Company, Blackshear, GA

Jacques Klempf

Jacques Klempf of Dixie Egg Company in Georgia tells how his family farm grew from his grandfather collecting and selling eggs from local farmers, to the current operation, where Dixie Egg Company owns the feed, hens, and egg processing plant.

“We work hard to ensure the health and wellness of our hens, and at the end of the day I feel very good about what we’ve accomplished, bringing fresh eggs to your home.” - Klempf

Hen Care on Farms

The Well-Being of Egg Laying Hens

Ohio egg farmers Tom Hertzfeld and Lisa Timmerman explain how they care for hens on their farms. “Everything we do is for the well-being of our laying hens," says Hertzfeld, owner of Hertzfeld Poultry Farms. "In the big picture there’s feed, there’s water, there’s the manure removal, there’s the clean air, but it’s also us being in here observing the hens and their behavior.”

“"All of these things we do because we feel it's right," adds Lisa Timmerman of Cooper Farms. "Everything we can do to keep that bird healthy is going to give us a safe product at the end."