Meet Egg Farmers

Egg farmers are committed to providing the best care to their hens and ensuring the safety of the eggs they produce. Here, meet American egg farmers and learn about their farm and commitment to hen care and egg safety.

Rob Knecht

Michigan Egg Farmer

“I did not choose to be an egg farmer, it choose me.”

Rob explains the processes in place on his farm to ensure the best environment possible for his hens and safe eggs for consumers.

Sandra and Daniel Lausecker

Ohio Egg Farmers

"We take a lot of pride in our hen care. We want to keep our hens really healthy because when the birds are healthy, it's the right thing to do."

Sandra and Daniel Lausecker never imagined they would be working on the family farm.  Today they are proud to be third-generation egg farmers with a passion for caring for their birds.

Steve Bliesner

Iowa Egg Farmer

“What I like most about being an egg farmer is knowing that we’re actually producing a very wholesome, safe food product…with top notch animal welfare standards.”

How can you tell a hen is healthy?  Steve describes the behavior of healthy hens and the importance of quality animal welfare on his farm.

Braden Boomsma

Iowa Egg Farmer

“What makes me proudest about being an egg farmer is being able to produce food for many families, regardless of their budget.”

Braden describes the rigorous steps on his farm, from the barn to final inspection, to insure safe, high-quality eggs for consumers.