Egg Farming is a 24/7 Job

Jason Ramsdell South Dakota Egg Farmer “Taking care of hens and producing an affordable food source is rewarding.” “Day or night, my job never stops. Caring for a flock of hens requires us to be flexible, working at odd times and willing to give our attention to the hens as needed.” Jason Ramsdell, the general […]

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The Quietly Amazing Story of Eggs, Hens, Farmers and the Environment

Egg farmers go about their business quietly, with a simple but focused commitment on continuous improvements in how they care for and raise their hens to produce eggs. This care starts with forethought into how best to design the system that egg farmers will use to house, feed and care for their laying hens.The goal of […]

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Confused About Hormones and Eggs?

Two practical reasons why hormones are never used in egg or poultry production.    Ensuring eggs are safe for your family is a top priority for egg farmers and they are committed to fully complying with all government regulations as applicable to their farms. Hormones are Banned in Egg Production Many consumers do not know […]

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