Cage-Free Housing Systems

There are three primary cage-free housing options. All systems are designed to provide dedicated nests, constant access to feed and water, areas to perch and space for the hens to scratch, forage and dust bathe. 

Multi-Tier Aviary

A vertically integrated cage-free barn allows hens to move freely without the use of any enclosures.

Feed and water are positioned off the floor area and above an automatic manure collection belt.

The floor area is used by the hens to scratch, forage, and dust bathe. This system is designed to encourage all hens to perch during the nighttime hours. 

Dedicated nests are available where hens can lay their eggs.

Single Tier Aviary

Within a single tier barn, hens are free to move about the floor where they can scratch, forage, dust bathe and mingle with other hens.

Feed and water are positioned off the floor, as are nests where hens can lay their eggs.

Perches are located throughout the barns for birds to traverse and utilize for roosting.

Hybrid Multi-Tier Aviary

A multi-tiered cage-free system allows hens to move vertically by way of perches and ramps.

While inside any of the single tier levels of the barn, hens can find fresh feed, clean water, perch, and nesting area.

Hens have access to the floor area where they can scratch, forage, or mingle with other hens.