UEP Certified Cage-Free Program

What is Cage-Free?

UEP Certified Cage-Free Guidelines were developed in 2006 to help assure hen welfare. Cage-free eggs are laid by hens that are able to roam vertically and horizontally in indoor barns and have access to fresh food and water. Cage-free systems vary from farm to farm and can include multi-tier aviaries. They must allow hens to exhibit natural behaviors and include enrichments such as scratch areas, perches and nests. Hens must have access to litter, protection from predators, and be able to move through a barn in a manner that promotes bird welfare.


Dedicated nests are available in which hens can lay their eggs.


Perches allow the hens to rest naturally and are placed strategically to enable the hens to move up into the system or down to the floor area.


Nutritious feed, developed by poultry nutritionists, and clean water are available at all times.

Litter Area

Hens have access to the litter area to scratch, forage, and dust bathe.
Click here for a Cage-Free Housing Diagram