Egg Farming Takes Sacrifice, Brings Rewards

Nicole Puglisi
New Jersey Egg Farmer

“Egg farming takes a lot of sacrifices. There is always something that needs to be done… Yet there are many rewards that make it worthwhile.”

As a child, Nicole Puglisi was frequently on the family egg farm. Though she enjoyed the farm, 15 years ago she never envisioned working there. Then in college, Puglisi worked part-time on the farm and, like family members before her, developed a passion that never left her heart.

Emanuel Puglisi, Nicole’s grandfather, came to the U.S. from Italy and joined the Army during World War II.  After the war, he returned to New Jersey and bought the farm and began producing eggs with his wife, Mary.

Today Nicole Puglisi’s dad and his two brothers own and manage the farm. Puglisi and three other grandchildren are the third generation working there.

Nicole with the Director of the Monmouth County Food Bank


Her job title is accounting and customer relation. But, like other family members, she pitches in where needed to get the job done. “In a family business, it’s hard to have one title because there is no specific job description. I’m involved in all aspects and I don’t know what I may be doing the next day.”  Puglisi’s most challenging part of the job is navigating customers’ needs and answering their wide range of questions about all aspects of egg production.

Puglisi’s favorite part of her job is working with family, though navigating change can be difficult when family members have different ideas. “The older generation has been working for 40 years without technology while the younger generation has new ideas and relies on technology. It’s balancing old school and new school knowledge. You know each other and at the end of the day you’re family. You are always going to be family.”

“Egg farming takes a lot of sacrifices. There is always something that needs to be done. Family members take turn working weekends. Yet, there are many rewards that make it worthwhile.”


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