3rd Generation Egg Farmer Focuses on Honesty, Integrity and Safety

Sam Krouse
Indiana Egg Farmer

“It’s a very exciting, dynamic time to be working in the egg industry.”

Growing up, Sam Krouse witnessed the passion his dad and grandfather showed as they cared for their flocks at MPS Egg Farms. He worked summers at the family farm processing and packing eggs. After college, Krouse worked outside the family business in economic development and brand management positions and earned his MBA from the University of Michigan. In 2015 he returned to MPS, working alongside his father and brother, guided by the family values of honesty, integrity, and safety.

Krouse gained experience in production, spent a year raising pullets, and now heads up business development and consumer relations.

Sam Krouse (R) with brother, Dan Krouse

“Working in the family business proves to have more benefits than challenges,” said Krouse. “We’ve created an open environment where everyone is free to challenge one another, and we have the flexibility to do what is right while supporting each other along the way. This industry can be stressful, and nobody understands that better than your family.”

Krouse’s favorite part of the job is the continual learning. “Our industry is changing so dramatically and bringing so many challenges that we need to keep learning and growing every day. It’s a very exciting, dynamic time to be working in the egg industry.”

As a leader, Krouse focuses on creating a course of sustained success, knowing it will benefit MPS and MPS employees, many who have served for generations. “Keeping the focus on the core values, everything else trickles down to keep a positive spirit of continuous support and improvement. How much better can we be than yesterday?”

MPS Egg Farms is a sixth-generation family-owned business operating since 1875 and is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in egg production this year.


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