Egg Farmers Are Committed, Active Community Members

January 3, 2019

In addition to their commitment to safe eggs and hen welfare, egg farmers work hard to protect the environment to ensure a sustainable future.

UEP farmer-members are also committed and engaged members of their communities.  The results of a 2018 UEP member survey illustrates the strong support egg farmers provide to their local first responders.

The findings show that 96 percent of the respondents, responsible for 95 percent of the hens represented in the survey, are already in contact with their local emergency personnel on a yearly basis or more frequently.  About 75 percent of these farmers also provide direct financial support to their local first responders, and over 50 percent have family members or staff that volunteer with the first responders as firefighters or emergency medical service technicians.

UEP egg farmers proudly represent about 90% of the egg production in the United States.  Farmers, their families, and employees live on or near the farms.  We are leaders, individuals, neighbors, and friends! We care about our communities and continue to support first responders and many other organizations.