Employee training vital to hen care

July 23, 2021

Employee training vital to hen care

Employee training is a key component of the UEP Certified Program. Poultry caretakers must sign of code of conduct outlining care expectations and requiring a supervisor be contacted if the UEP standards are not being met. UEP Certified has zero-tolerance for willful acts of abuse and neglect and requires all UEP Certified farms to implement an employee policy enforcing this commitment

Employee training is a vital part of assuring the welfare of laying hens. Training videos, both in English and Spanish, are provided to all UEP Certified companies. These training videos, along with training developed individually by producers, ensure personnel involved in bird care are properly trained and qualified to perform their jobs. Training videos are updated as needed.

Employees are trained to handle the birds with respect and dignity. Proper handling methods minimize stress for the hens and the caretakers. Non-employee service crews who work on a UEP Certified farm sign a similar code of conduct.

The UEP Certified code of conduct includes the following hen care practices:

  • All birds to be handled with respect and dignity
  • Nutritious feed, clean water and fresh air are available to the hens at all times
  • Appropriate shelter for the bird’s age and safe cages, nests boxes and other equipment
  • Strict adherence to farm safety biosecurity rules to protect the hens from disease
  • Proper care for injured or sick birds
  • Any person not adhering to the code of conduct should be reported to a supervisor