America’s Egg Farmers Donate Nearly Half a Million Eggs for Easter Holiday

ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Egg farmers across the country are helping in the fight against hunger by donating nearly half a million fresh eggs to food assistance organizations coast-to-coast during the month of April.

According to Feeding America, one in six Americans is faced with hunger and can’t afford to buy groceries.

Members of the United Egg Producers (UEP) are contributing to food banks all across America to ease the struggle of putting food on the table during the Easter holiday. UEP is encouraging other companies and individuals to join the fight against hunger and support the 49 million Americans who live in food insecure homes, 15.9 million of which are children.

Sources of high quality protein like fresh eggs are among the most needed items at food assistance organizations. USDA claims that one large egg delivers six grams of protein and 13 essential nutrients such as choline, folate, iron and zinc. Additionally, the USDA concluded in 2011 that the average amount of cholesterol was 14 percent lower and vitamin D content was 64 percent higher than previously thought.

“Our generous farmers donate fresh eggs to their local food assistance organizations year-round,” stated Chad Gregory, president and CEO of United Egg Producers. “We come together during the Easter season to give a little extra and make fresh eggs available to food insecure families across the country.”
This marks the seventh consecutive Easter season the United Egg Producers have organized a
nationwide effort to give food insecure families a helping hand, bringing the total number of fresh eggs donated by U.S. egg farmers since 2008 to nearly 70 million.

Cornerstone Government Affairs and Watson Green to Amplify the Voice of Egg Farmers in Washington D.C.

Alpharetta, Ga. – The national trade association for America’s egg farmers, United Egg Producers (UEP), stepped up its strong commitment to representing its members’ interests on Capitol Hill and throughout the federal government by hiring Cornerstone Government Affairs (CGA) and Watson Green. UEP has long-been an active player in federal, state and local government issues. However it is expanding its Congressional and regulatory engagement in 2014 to ensure that American consumers retain access to an uninterrupted supply of safe, affordable eggs.

“We’ve worked with federal regulatory agencies and Congress for decades, including the past two years trying to pass a national egg production standard. Working through this initiative taught us valuable lessons with regard to the Congressional legislative process and the importance of being a regular presence on Capitol Hill,” said UEP President Chad Gregory

“Recent efforts helped bring our members’ voice to Washington, but we must build on those efforts, and we believe hiring these two talented firms will allow UEP members to be more clearly heard in future discussions.”

“So much of our livelihood as farmers depends on interactions with federal and state government,” said Jim Dean, Iowa egg farmer and chairman of the UEP Board of Directors. “It is imperative that we have a strong and ongoing presence in Washington.”

The CGA team, led by Louie Perry III, will be responsible for developing and executing the UEP Congressional strategy and also drive the relationship-building process with House and Senate members and their staff. The Watson Green team, led by Randy Green, will represent UEP and its members with federal regulatory agencies.

“Recent surveys show that consumers place the American egg farmer near the top of all food producers in terms of animal welfare, food safety and environmental sustainability, which is a
story we must continue sharing with federal regulators,” said Gregory. “We must continue educating federal regulators about the UEP Certified program and its standards in order to develop oversight and testing protocols that ensure America’s egg supply remains safe and retains the high approval of American consumers.”

“The CGA team has deep expertise representing members of America’s agricultural community and believes that, while smaller than some food production groups, UEP member recent investment of time and talent in Washington has earned them a seat at the legislative table,” said Ron Truex, an Indiana egg farmer who chairs UEP’s Government Relations Committee.

“Issues facing America’s farmers are not getting easier or going away and it is imperative that UEP continue its Congressional conversations to ensure its members are able to affordably produce this vital consumer food staple.”

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